10 things we are loving this month, vol.1

Don't get us wrong, we love blogging about all of our tips and tricks of the design trade, not to mention the magic of Squarespace and the trials and tribulations of being mompreneurs. But, sometimes, we just come across something that is completely non-biz related, that's just too good not to share. Which is why we decided to put together a new monthly blog series, in which we feature 10 non-business related fave finds - products, programs, philosophies or simply just anything we can't get enough of.⠀We're talking shout from the rooftops kind of love!⠀

If you love fashion, food and properly fitting undergarments 😳, scroll on down to read the complete list. Love what you see? Show our faves some love with a like and follow over on Facebook and/or Instagram (we're tagging all of them in the write-up below!!)  Do you have a new obsession or two? Share the details and a few reasons why you love this person, place or thing in the comments below. If you get us hooked, we will include it in next month's roundup.

The "Must" List, Vol. 1: 10 Things We are Loving This Month

1 | matcha - Golda's obsession with matcha began when she discovered Lee From America over on Instagram . Lee shares healthy recipes for balanced living and helps women find the confidence to make healthy choices. A former coffee addict, she touts the benefits of mean green matcha through drool-worthy photos in her feed. Naturally, Golda was hooked! Often feeling like coffee was weighing her down, she eagerly switched to matcha, which she now feels helps her face the day with a clear mind and vision. A beautiful, rich green color, matcha tea has a ton of health benefits and more caffeine than coffee without the crash. Plus it's so much prettier to look at. Simply put, Golda says, "I feel like I am drinking the earth." You can find matcha in most organic grocery stores, but we are currently loving Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Packets  and Steeped Tea Vanilla Matcha.

2 | water with a "hint" of flavor - According to LiveStrong.com, you need to replace at least 2.4 liters of water each day - with experts recommending that you gulp down at least 64 oz (or 8, 8 oz glasses!) That's a lot of liquid (and a lot of trips to the ladies' room!) And, while Jen has always been a big water drinker, sometimes plain old water just doesn't cut it. During one of her recent Facebook scrolls, Jen came across a story about Hint Water - which is literally water with a hint of flavor. Infused with natural fruit flavors, Hint uses zero diet sweeteners, has zero calories, zero preservatives, is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. The company offers both still and sparkling water options. Our fave flavors to-date are blackberry and pineapple. 

3 | fueling & fitness with a purpose - Fueled by matcha and a desire to get her body and mind back in shape, Golda began hitting the gym regularly and is focusing on consuming foods that actually benefit her body by eliminating processed, sugars and eating higher amounts of protein. A few of Golda's favorite new food finds, including acai bowls and Siggi's, high protein yogurt.

4 | taking shape for life - Similar to Golda's desire to get fit, a few months ago, Jen was staring 38 in the face and just wasn't feeling good in her own skin. Like many women, she had been struggling to lose a stubborn 10-15 lbs. Enter my new Healthy Living program that promotes an innovative lifestyle approach that gets the mind and body working together. It helps replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones that contribute to long-term success. The program is incredibly simple and easy to follow and will jumpstart your weight-loss journey, while at the same time teaching healthy habits that result in longterm success. Since starting the program, Jen has lost 12 lbs (easily!!) and has never felt better. The program is not free, but is affordable. Wanna learn more - send Jen a note!

5 | clothing with soul - Spiritual Gangster, a movement designed to join ancient wisdom with modern culture, creates collections to encourage the practices of living with gratitude, giving back and choosing happiness. The brand's yoga inspired clothing and accessories aim to inspire positivity, generosity and kindness. Golda loves the message that the designs spread about being humble but strong. Spiritual Gangster is the perfect marriage of strength and peace  plus the the clothing is ridiculously cool!

6 | positive vibes & security - On a similar fashion note, Golda has always held a special place in her heart for the hamsa - a popular symbol found throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, particularly within the Islamic and Jewish faiths. It is thought to offer protection from bad energy and makes Golda feel balanced. One of her favorite designers Michal Golan offers a large selection of hamsa jewelry as well as evil eye styles (which is also supposed to offer protection and ward off bad luck.)

7 | finding the right fit - One of the first public relations campaigns Jen ever worked on was the JCPenney Bra Fit Event. It sounds corny, but this was when Jen first learned that most women are wearing the wrong size bra - 8 out of 10 women to be exact! With 12 lbs gone, Jen knew it was time to head on over to Soma, her favorite store for intimates, to get "the girls" fitted. While for some, this might be an embarrassing topic, we can not stress enough about the importance of getting the right fit. Seriously though, a proper fitting bra will make your clothes look better, improve your posture and send your confidence through the roof! 

8 | peekaboo apparel - Another very cool clothing company, Chaser Brand is a must-have for any hip mompreneur. Originally brought to Jen's attention by style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik (love, love, love her!) Chaser started as an indie punk T-shirt line in 1988 Los Angeles. Nowadays, the brand honors its musical origins with a cool, vintage-inspired collection of band tees, tanks, and swimsuits. The material is so super soft and they offer a variety of sexy, but wearable (and mom-appropriate) open back tees that will make you look and feel incredibly trendy and hip when you pick up your little ones at preschool.

9 | warmer temps & blooming flowers - The weather has been on a serious rollercoaster ride with temps ranging from the 40's and well into the 80's - all in the same week!! While we are still hesitant to put away our winter coats, Golda is giving a big thumbs up to a new season full of fresh, colorful blooms - resulting in new ideas and growth.

10 | taking a step in the right direction - And, finally folks, if you don't have a FitBit (or some device for tracking your steps) go out and get one right now! Jen has become borderline obsessed with tracking her steps since she received her Alta as a birthday present. Aiming to clock at least the recommended 10,000 steps a day, Jen finds herself walking pretty much anywhere her feet will take her. The device not only tracks steps, but creates a sleep log (which is really insightful on those groggy mornings,) water and food intake, doubles as a watch and much, much more! There are a variety of styles and price points to choose from...you can peruse them here.

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