first Impressions: leave a lasting mark

Did you know that it only takes a tenth of a second to make a first impression?

I'll be honest, when I'm introduced to someone for the first time, a weak handshake leaves me with such a bad taste in my mouth. Of course, you can't always judge a book by its cover, but it's a fact that first impressions really are everything.

Just like that limp grip, a flimsy business card or a website full of broken links tend to leave me less than impressed and I'm 100% sure that your potential customers and clients will feel the same way too. The fact is that, when it comes to your brand, these first impressions can become last impressions if you're not careful.

Leave a Lasting Mark & Make a Great First Impression with these 3 Branding Techniques by

Want to make a killer first impression? Put your company's best foot forward with these three, essential branding tips:

1 | your digital front door - 'Curb appeal' is just as important when it comes to your website as it is to your physical home. Unique graphics, custom branding and usability work together to create an inviting digital space. While a beautiful design will set your brand apart, the functionality and flow of your site are key to your success. Honest, original copy will capture your visitors' attention - encouraging them to click around and stay for awhile.

2 | your calling card - Long gone are the days of generic, white card stock printed off at your local copy shop. Your business cards should be a true reflection of your brand. Customize them with a pop of color or have them cut as squares. From gold foil overlays to matte finishes, there is no reason to stick with plain ol' vanilla anymore. We love how our go-to printer, offers the option to personalize each card with a unique brand image or photo!  And, one last thing, please splurge on the premium paper, there is nothing worse than cards that look and feel like you printed them at home. 

3 | your social profile - Blurry, pixelated and poorly formatted social media profile, cover and posted images are one of our biggest pet peeves. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are key to building your personal and professional brand. You may sell beautiful products or offer an incredible service, but your ideal customer won't find you if your social media profiles are not dressed to impress. Developing consistent, branded Instagram themes and designing, engaging properly formatted Facebook ads are essential. Not 100% sure of the steps to take to make sure your profile looks professional and polished? We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you with our *Free* Social Media Audit checklist. Download it below and you will be on your way to social media star status in no time!

Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience…everything from your logo, your website, and your social media experiences. 

It is critical to be aware of your mission and have a plan to create the brand experience that you want to have… a good brand doesn’t just happen… it is a well thought out and strategic plan.

Unsure of where to start? Let's launch your brand together! Discover how our team can bring your vision to life  through purposeful, custom designs and strategic messaging.