website launch | jewelree bar

Today, we are so excited to unveil an all-new Website Design for Jewelree Bar, a collection of jewelry that is hand selected, handcrafted and made with love in California.  Started by friends and neighbors, Gina Smiley and Lisa Morales designing and making jewelry has been their passion project for years, creating pieces that have a special significance - a specific meaning and energy or personalization. These two lovely ladies enjoyed it so much that they began talking about fulfilling a dream to create a jewelry line that would inspire women to express their own individual style and add their own personalized touch.

Started back in 2014, this trendy business was ready for a serious overhaul of their Shopify website. While we can't take credit for the gorgeous logo and branding, these designs served as the perfect foundation for a beautiful, modern online home. And wiith Jen's background in fashion and accessory sales and Golda's absolute love of jewelry, we were thrilled to add Jewelree Bar to our client roster!

Our favorite elements of the Jewelree Bar design are:

1| The simply gorgeous pink and gold geometric graphics that are peppered throughout the site. Lisa and Gina had their hearts set on incorporating their signature color, rose quartz into overall design. The metallics take this typically feminine hue to a hole new level, adding a sophisticated modern vibe.

2| Simply, Blush. No, we are not talking about the color. We are talking about the swoon-worthy font that we incorporated in the custom graphics created for various elements of the site. Honestly, we love it so much that Blush has been making a regular appearance over on our Instagram feed these days.

3| And, we love the unique scrolling slideshow gallery on the homepage. Our goal here was to take the traditional gallery concept and marry with with custom graphics to create the illusion that specific images rotated while others remained static.

We hope you’ll hop on over to Jewelree Bar to experience our design in action!

Jewelree Bar Website Design