website launch | la maison de laurette

Today, we are so excited to unveil an all-new Website Design for La Maison de Laurette, a lovely boutique that was born out of a simple but essential desire to offer "upcycled" furniture as well as share the owner's passion for decoration and taste for beauty. Our clients, Didier and Alexandra had a specific direction of mixing the classic, bohemian style of French Provence with modern and mid-century vibes.

Our favorite elements of La Maison de Laurette design are:

1| The custom background and header graphics on each page. We loved the idea of mixing a header that mimicked a torn piece of old parchment paper with interesting textures and beautiful imagery - perfect for showcasing our client's collections and services.

2| The long scrolling home page allowed us to play with a variety of background images and patterns - creating a clear definition between each section and each Call-to-Action.

3| The pops of orange featured in the logo and throughout the site add a hip, retro vibe to the site without being too bold. In fact, we adore how this hue adds a feeling of coziness and warmth to the overall design.

We hope you’ll hop on over to La Maison de Laurette  to experience their design in action!

Client Showcase_LaMaisondeLaurette.jpg