website launch | xoxo chocolates

Today, we are so excited to unveil an all-new Website Design for xoxo Chocolates, a Maryland-based chocolate covered treats company.  The Chocolate Shoppe officially opened when owner and ‘Creator of Everything Sweet’, Dani welcomed her son into the world. As a new stay-at-home-mom, she wanted to do something that would allow her to spend more time with her little one and to show a bit more of her creative side. So, she started creating treats for her son’s birthdays and other celebrations. They were VERY well received by family and friends, encouraging her to turn her passion into a business. Dani loves the artistic freedom that comes with creating all sorts of fun and exciting treats, not to mention that she LOVES chocolate! 

While Dani had been successfully running her business via a simple Etsy shop, she was ready to take things to the next level with a beautiful, custom Squarespace website. Putting her lovely and delicious creations front-and-center was the focus and we had so much fun creating a unique way to showcase her product offerings. And, the free samples didn't hurt, either! As a fellow mompreneur, we were more than thrilled to add Dani to our client roster!

Our favorite elements of the xoxo Chocolates design are:

1| The elegant and 100% branded styled product photos. It isn't everyday that we offer to take professional photographs of our clients' products, but we had such a clear vision of the types of visuals that we wanted for this site. So, we requested that Dani whip up some yummy treats in pink, brown and white and gathered up some of Golda's most precious glassware and held our very own photoshoot. The final images add a certain level of whimsical, sophistication to the overall design.

2| Sprinkles and chocolate, oh my! Since Dani's treats are covered in chocolate and, very often, sprinkles, we wanted to have fun by adding these playful elements to the design. With a few CSS tweaks, we were able to add a colorful cushion of sprinkles to the header and footer of each page. While the shaved chocolate serves as the perfect backdrop for Dani's featured products.

3| The adorable "Made with Love in Maryland" map. As of late, we have been so lucky to work with a variety of local business owners and wanted to pay homage to the fact that these delectable treats are all handmade right here in Maryland. The map is completely custom designed as are all of the graphics used throughout the site.

We hope you’ll hop on over to xoxo Chocolates to experience our design in action!

xoxo Chocolates Website Design