3 instagram scheduling tools to up your social media game

From curating content, sourcing stock photography and writing killer captions, we know all to well how intimidating Instagram can be. And, don't get us started on #hashtags...we love to hate 'em, but the fact is that those little # symbols are the key to helping your Ideal Follower to find you.  We understand that curating, planning and scheduling content for your feed can feel like a full time job, which is why we are taking some of the guesswork out of it for you by introducing you to three of our Instagram "All Stars." Read on below to learn why we simply adore these scheduling tools.  

3 Instagram Tools Perfect for Batch Scheduling Posts & Elevating Your Social Media Game by jgdigital.co

1 | Airtable takes the guess work out of planning social media content across the board, but we have been using it to map out our Instagram content on a monthly basis. The interactive spreadsheets not only allow you to input basic information like the date, theme and copy, but you can also attach files and images - making it easy to reference your past posts to track likes, comments and impressions. For those of you who are managing social media on behalf of other brands and business owners, Airtable also makes it easy to share your planner with clients allowing them to easily review and approve content and copy as well as to track their growth. Another bonus is that Airtable is perfect for keeping track of your finances, launches and much, much, more. The best part? It's 100% FREE. Get it here.  

2 | Grum is hands down our favorite Instagram scheduling tool. Seriously, we absolutely L-O-V-E Grum. Why? Because with Grum, you can        literally set it and forget it. Unlike most planning apps, with Grum you simply upload your image and copy and schedule your post and you can sit back and put your feet up. Yup, you read that right. Grum will post on your Instagram account automatically. After a lot of research, we can also confirm that this tool does not violate the social platforms security policy, so you can feel free to post away. One very cool feature is that you can also schedule your first comment to post immediately following, which is the ideal way to include relevant hashtags without cluttering your original post copy. Pricing starts at $9.95/ month for 1-2 Instagram accounts and unlimited editors. Create your account here.

3 | Planoly is another game changing Instagram scheduling software and app. Most people love it because it is very visual in the sense that you can view and layout your #prettylittlesquares before you post them to Instagram - making it easy to avoid "clashing" images and colors that simply don't feel "on brand." However, we love using Planoly because it offers the option of scheduling out multiple images per post, which we feel allows us to add more value to our content. Our absolute favorite Planoly feature is the ability to schedule Instagram Stories! Okay, we know that these are suppose to be candid, but we love the idea of posting daily, branded templates that act as mini intros for the content that follows. The only downfall of Planoly (and most other Instagram tools) is that even though you can schedule ahead of time, each post still needs to be manually posted to Instagram - which means someone has to be aware of the schedule and be available to react to account alerts. Planoly offers a variety of pricing plans and features. Get started for FREE here.

While all this talk about planning is great, we're sure that there are still plenty of you who are experiencing and Instagram identity crisis! If this sounds like you and you are still struggling to get noticed in this vast network of pretty feeds and inspiring quotes, then we are here to help.  

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