3 ways facebook groups can help grow your biz

Facebook is for more than just for posting pictures of your kids and sharing political views. In fact, with more than two billion users, we have found that this network is still one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

Facebook can be a real game changer for your business if you use it correctly. In addition to strategically planning out a happy mix of informational and promotional content to share, we have discovered that being consistently active in targeted Facebook groups has really helped us build a following and become more visible to our ideal client.

So, what exactly is a Facebook Group? Simply put, it is a page created for an organization or business to promote activities and to bring users together and have discussions. 

3 Reasons Joining Facebook Groups Can Help Grow Your Business by jgdigital.co

There are many reasons that Facebook groups are being formed and many reasons why ally types of people are joining (Hint:  It’s not to sell stuff!) If you are in business and using the web to grow your brand, always think about why you want to join or start a group. Used wisely, the groups are fast becoming an important aspect of  any online biz plan. It’s a more intimate way of connecting. Just remember, networking with others is always a good thing.

As huge advocates of the Facebook community, we love the intimacy that closed and private niche-specific Facebook groups provide.  While there are so many reasons to join a Facebook group, here are three major ways that our online "communities" have benefitted our business.

1 | learn & grow - Outside of Pinterest, we have found Facebook groups to be an incredible place to educate ourselves on advancements in website design, social media strategy and techniques and CSS and HTML coding. Joining and engaging in these industry-related groups, has allowed us to share our successes, failures and questions with a like-minded crew of professionals who are always more than willing to extend a helping hand.

2 | create & collaborate - One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and get your name out there is by collaborating with fellow business owners. Pretty much on a daily basis, we have come across various opportunities to guest blog, collaborate with a fellow woman in business, barter our design services and more! Honestly, the opportunities are endless. And, surprisingly, most members are more than happy to share information, tips, tricks and critiques - which is incredibly insightful and helpful.

3 | prospect & flourish - In addition to collaborating with others for free, Facebook groups provide a niche-specific platform to look for leads. Entrepreneurs who are in search of an expert to hire frequently post job listings. We jump on any and all inquiries related to website design, branding and social media strategy. Some of our most exciting and lucrative projects were a result of pitching our services and expertise in the comments below these types of posts.

So, now that you know how Facebook groups can help grow your business, but are still puzzled about how to find a community that suits your needs? We recommend starting with local groups geared towards your industry. In our experience, connecting and collaborating with these smaller groups has proven to be more productive. While we love being active in larger Facebook groups, it's much harder to "be heard" because there are so many more members. Another benefit of smaller, local forums is that, in addition to connecting online, these groups typically have monthly in-person meetings, offering another opportunity to network.

Currently, we are members of several (probably WAY too many) biz-related Facebook groups. We've included some of our go-to groups below. Wanna become a member? Simply click any of the links, request to join and you will be on your way to discovering Facebook group gold

Have you found success using Facebook groups? Share your fave groups and experience in the comments below!