5 on friday: sejal parag

On Friday afternoons, we will be asking a fellow #girlboss five simple questions about business, the passion behind her brand and what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning.

We invite you today to meet Sejal Parag, founder of KarmaLit an eco-friendly candle company. Conscious of their environmental impact, KarmaLit created a product using sustainable resources and from ingredients harvested ethically. The wax is extracted from soybeans which are grown year-round by American farmers, making it completely renewable and sustainable.

In addition to developing beautiful candles, Sejal and her team created the Smell.Good.Do.Good initiative as a way to stand for something greater, facilitate learning, and to have an impact that lasts beyond their product's ephemeral purpose.

Five on Friday Sejal Parag

name | Sejal Parag

company | KarmaLit

years in business | 3.5 years

1 | When did you consider yourself a success? When I realized I am living my best life. I have the quality of life I always craved. I have the freedom to make choices that are not fear based. I have the ability to take on as much or as little as i'm comfortable with, flexibility to take off as much time as I'd like without getting anyones approval. Freedom to make my own choices is a pretty great feeling!

2 | What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? A certain 2 year old and his 5 year old sister :)

3 | What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?  Photography. As a small business owner you wear a lot of hats. Some things you're good at, some things you learn to be good at, some things you pretend to be good at, and some things you have to work on or outsource. Having an online presence means its important to showcase your work in the best light. I would love to learn the skill set to create fresh professional quality imagery to support my growing visual marketing needs.

4 | How would your friends describe you? {left blank}

5 | What is your favorite quote? I have two! “What would do you if you had no fear?" and "Make no small plans.” - Anonymous

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