4 go-to sites for FREE and unique fonts

One of our most popular posts to date, is about our go-to sites for FREE stock photos. If we haven't made it clear yet, we are big believers in building a brand from top to bottom, beginning with a color palette and visuals. So, it is no surprise that business owners, big and small, are on the hunt for gorgeous (and affordable) stock photos. One other important aspect of your branding is most definitely the fonts you choose for your logo, your submark, your website - well, actually, pretty much each and every piece of marketing collateral you use to represent your business.

Both Adobe Creative Cloud and Squarespace come chockfull of hundreds of fonts to choose from, but sometimes a gal (or guy) is just looking for something a little extra special. So, the next time you're trying to find a romantic, handwritten font or modern, minimalistic lettering, hop on over to one of our go-to resources, to discover and download those A,B,C's.

4 Go To Sites for Free and Unique Fonts by Jennifer Gatz of jgdigital.co

dafont | An archive of freely downloadable fonts that you can browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. Unsure of what your business name will look like in a specific font? Simply select the font and enter your text for a custom preview. We use this feature often especially when we are trying to match the lettering used in a logo and our client is unable to identify the font that was used originally.

font squirrel | This site scours the internet for high quality, legitimately free fonts . You can choose from thousands of completely legal, high quality, free fonts. This resource also features a service called the Font Matcherator - which will help you identify the font that is used in any image. Simply upload any jpg, gif or png to meet your font match. Pretty cool, huh?

deal jumbo We originally discovered this site while on the hunt for free Photoshop mockups to use in our portfolio and on social media. While an easy-to-edit PSD makes us swoon (that's for another blog post!) we only just realized that Deal Jumbo has a serious Freebies Archive boasting over 200 free downloads. Granted, they are not all fonts, but we feel like we hit the designer jackpot!

creative market | If you know us, then you know how much we adore Creative Market. It is a great resource for many things including stock photos, vectors and, of course, fonts. While much of the content must be paid for, handpicked shops gift members with free goodies on a weekly basis. Simply signup and you will receive an email every Monday morning, featuring 6 free items (a few are typically original fonts) for the taking. It literally feels like Christmas morning when this message pops up in our Inbox! Most of the time we take advantage of the these freebies and download something from one of the shops. Even if we don't need the content at that moment in time, chances are we will be able to use it to serve a client or our own brand in the future.

Now that you have gone on a crazy download binge, it's time to actually add these beauties to your computer. Don't fret, it's super simple! All you have to do is search for the Font Book  on your Mac using the little magnifying glass in your tool bar. Leave the Font Book open and go to access your downloads. At this point, you are going want to "unzip" the download to access your font files. Then simply select all of the versions of the font (sometimes you will have more than one) and drag and drop them into your Font Book. We typically add them to the All Fonts section. Adding your new fonts to your Font Book will make them easily accessible in your Adobe graphic software as well as any word processing programs on your computer. 

And, there you have it! Beautiful, unique and custom fonts - perfect for making your brand and marketing materials stand out from the crowd! Adding these beauties to your Squarespace website is doable too, but involves a little more work. We'll be sharing our tricks on how to achieve this soon enough, so stay tuned...