plan for progress in 15 minutes flat!

We were first introduced to Steph Crowder of while listening to an episode of The Strategy Hour podcast. The actual focus of the episode was about building your email list, but the part that really grabbed our attention was the system Steph had put into place to make sure that every week was a productive week. Her 15-Minute Planner Method is so simple, it's crazy! All you need to put this technique in motion is a pen, a piece of paper and just 15 minutes - no fancy scheduling software or pretty, color-coded agenda required.

So, what exactly is the 15-Minute Planner Method? Originally developed by Steph as a simple, effective, guided yet flexible system for those of us who simply feel like “We have no time” and “We have no focus” or “We don’t know what to work on when,” this system has supercharged our productivity in just two weeks of implementing it.

A Fool-Proof Method for Planning Your Entire Work Week in Just 15 Minutes by

Full disclosure? Before stumbling across Steph's interview, we were struggling with time management, focus and prioritizing our overall goals. While our client work has and will always remain a priority, we realized that we were spending so much time on what she refers to as "baseline tasks" (i.e. email, social media, business admin, etc.) Sure, at the end of the week, we would have a beautifully designed Instagram feed, but we still hadn't checked something off our list that was really going to move our business forward.

By literally setting aside 15 minutes every Sunday night, we have found it easier to honor our "bigger commitments" as well as to focus on a few "growth-based actions." You know, the "stuff we wanna do, but never get to?"  With this new favorite method, we have been able to truly prioritize some of the "growth-based actions" that have been sitting on the back burner for quite some time, including:

  • Write a guest blog post to help grow our audience
  • Design and develop an Instagram Redesign Package offering to grow our revenue
  • Brainstorm new ideas for our Creative Market shop which will not only grow our revenue, but are fun and exciting to work on

And, maybe if we are super productive, we'll even find time to finally dig into some of those shiny courses we signed up for - we're looking at you FB Everything and Intro to CSS. Perhaps, we will even be able to swing by a local networking event over the next week or two to continue to get the name out there. 

In the past, tackling our to do list was completely overwhelming - an incredibly daunting task. But, with The 15-Minute Planner Method, we can finally say goodbye to that "deer in headlights" paralyzation and move forward with grace and positivity.

Have you found success using The 15-Minute Planner Method? Share your experience in the comments below! Oh, and if you have as big of a #girlcrush on Steph as we do, give a listen to her podcast, Courage & Clarity - love, love, love it!