podcast love: how i built this with guy raz

As small business owners, we are all faced with challenges, obstacles and major FOMO. With so much of our time spent admiring the work of our fellow entrepreneurs on all their pretty, pretty Instagram feeds, insightful Facebook groups and killer online courses. It's hard not to feel like "the grass is always greener" in their neck of the woods, resulting in some serious self-doubt about your own business, growth and success. 

When you're feeling bummed, sometimes all you need to do is take a step back to realize that you are (in most cases) only seeing the tip of the iceberg - that all of those people had to overcome obstacles and move mountains all while they truly had no clue what the heck they were doing. Most importantly, don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter twenty.

That leads me to today's post, highlighting my new podcast obsession - How I Built This. During this brilliant and entertaining show, host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies, weaving a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.  As a creative entrepreneur, I simply love listening to how these business giants struggled, failed and found success during the early days of their careers. Their tales keep me focused and inspired during those times when I just can't help but feel like my little biz just doesn't measure up.

So, without further ado, I'm including a round up of five of my absolutely favorite How I Built This episodes thus far. Pop in your earbuds and listen up!

Earbud Inspiration: Jen's Latest Podcast Obsession "How I Built This" with Guy Raz by jgdigital.co

1 | Stitch Fix: Katrina Lake Let's be honest, there is nothing more exciting than arriving home to find a box of clothing specifically selected for you by your own personal stylist. That's the gist behind, Stitch Fix. As a fan and former customer (I had to suspend my membership as I was simply spending too much moolah!) I found Katrina's story so interesting. This personal shopping service started with a group of 20 friends and now has two million customers and brings in nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.

2 | Ben & Jerry's: Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield If you like to laugh, this episode is for you! From their beginnings as the two overweight kids in gym class to their mutual love of food, you'll follow the story behind this ice cream empire. Genuine and honest, Ben and Jerry explain how they navigated the rough Vermont winters, tapped in to free resources like the Small Business Administration  and ultimately, how they decided how big the flavor chunks should be in their homemade ice cream. Seriously, hands down, my fave episode! 

3 | Atari & Chuck E. Cheese: Nolan Bushnell As a mother of a seven year old who has had to endure one too many trips to Chuck E. Cheese, I had to give this one a listen. Discover how his idea of a simple handheld video game changed the way that Americans amused themselves to how he came up with the concept to build a family-friendly restaurant with a rat as a mascot. Must listen to moment? When Nolan chats about working with both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and how he passed on being one of Apple's initial investors (oops!)

4 | Melissa & Doug: Melissa and Doug Bernstein Another great listen for us parents who are constantly trying to find a happy medium between playtime and screen time, this episode digs deep into the story behind toymakers Melissa & Doug. Learn how they started as a production business making educational videos for kids, eventually growing into a powerhouse making over 2,000 kinds of toys, serving as an antidote to the rise of digital toys. 

5 | LÄRABAR: Lara Merriken A truly empowering story about a recently divorced, out of work woman who took the bull by the horns and made her own success. Lara's story is a wonderful example of how you can turn a small idea into a million dollar company If you are a lover of dates, cashews and the idea of using natural ingredients, you really will enjoy learning about her rise from the kitchen and a tiny Cuisinart to the sale of her company to General Mills in 2008.

As I scroll through the show list on iTunes, there are so many other episodes that I can't wait to give a listen to. If you are a fan and have a favorite How I Built This story, please share your in the comments below!